HEIDI & JOEL – Mexico Wedding


Obviously I didn’t have to think about it for too long when Heidi & Joel asked me to go to Mexico with them.

They’re both writers (a fact I’m all too aware of whilst writing this) but luckily for me, their story writes itself.
They meet. They fall in love, They spend the rest of their lives together. They make it look simple.
Whatever ‘it’ is… they seem to have it all figured out.

Joel’s father performed the ceremony. People came from all over the world for these two. This. Was. Special.
So many good memories from this one. That view. That pool. Those churros. That tequila…
Truly a pleasure to spend these days with you.

Venue: Villa Amor, Sayulita.
Coordination:  Karen Ruezga.
Flowers: Flor Mimo, Sayulita
Hair: Amber Hug.



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