MAYME & LOREN | Part 2


The next day – a little ways down the same (now slightly snow covered) mountain…

So I first met Mayme at Yuka & Ryan’s amazing Tokyo wedding. Besides having an awesome name, she’s also an awesome person.
It didn’t take long to realise Loren was exactly the same.. only taller.

Family and friends made their way up the mountain, helped decorate the hall, made the cake and even performed some of the music.
Such an amazing atmosphere during these 3 days up the mountain – all topped off by Loren serenading his new bride ….like every good man should.

The Wolves (Act I And II)

ML001 ML002 ML003 ML004A ML005 ML007 ML008 ML009 ML010 ML011 ML012 ML013 ML014 ML015 California wedding photographer ML017 ML018 ML019b ML020 ML021 ML022 ML023 ML024 ML025 ML026 ML027 ML028 ML029 ML030 ML031 ML032 ML033 ML034 ML035 ML036 ML038 ML040 ML041 ML042 ML043 ML044 ML045 ML046 ML047 ML048 ML049 ML051 ML052 ML053 ML054 ML055 ML056 ML057 ML058 ML059 ML060 ML061 ML062 ML063 ML064 ML065 ML066 ML067 California wedding photographer ML069 ML070 ML071 ML072 ML073 ML074 California wedding photographer ML076 ML077 ML078 ML079 ML080 ML081 ML082 California wedding photographer ML084 ML085 ML086 ML087 ML088 ML089 ML090 ML091 ML092 ML093 ML094 ML096 ML097 ML098 ML099 ML100 ML101 ML102 ML103 ML104 ML105 ML106 ML107 ML108 ML109 ML110 ML111 ML112 ML113 ML114 ML115 ML116 ML117 ML118 ML119 ML120 ML121 ML122 ML123 ML124 ML125 ML126 ML127


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